What are some fun games and online activities to earn some Bitcoins?

There are several ways to earn BTC: market transactions, gambling games, and project airdrops / bounty tasks. The first two ways require too much expertise and financial support, and there are uncertain risks. But participating in the project airdrop / bounty task is an effective way to get BTC at zero cost, which can also help us find more blockchain projects with investment value.

At present, there are many websites about airdrops and bounty programs. However many projects have small rewards but lots of fraud, which makes our labor pay no return.

Well there’s always exception if you’re lucky enough, recently I found a very good website. I can say that 99.9% of its online projects are very promising projects or early projects in the crypto market. For example, BOScore (EOS’s most valuable side chain), Lambda (a popular project just likes Filecoin and IPFS, it’s market price has doubled 10 times), BCD (BTC), IOST, etc.

It is said that they have an international operation team and have very good business resources to attract more well-known projects to online.

As I observed,each project has at least 1,000 USDT related tokens issued.

There are also many crypto communities on YouTube that spontaneously explain how to use and get higher rewards at this bounty website.

You can also learn how to earn rewards in these videos:

Here’s the bill for one of the projects I played, which bring me a profitable income. You can get more rewards by inviting more friends, making more stickers, writting more articles, staying active in the event twitters, etc.


Remember hard work will produce great prizes


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