What Analytics do you want?

Hacker Noon stats currently provides words written, pageviews, and time reading. We also divide these metrics by story and have experimented with readership by tag. Most recently, we integrated with Google Analytics so that contributors can now access all stats on their stories since the beginning of Hacker Noon.

When comprehending story analytics, it’s useful to think of the funnel: from distribution to reading to what’s next? We are going to do more work in the top of the funnel (headline impressions on site and off) and the bottom of the funnel (measuring referral traffic on the writer ad).

But what stats do you think we should be prioritizing??

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Do we have stats, related to CTA? I mean it will be great to understand how much clicks I get from people that reading my story/stories

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This will be much beneficial to do my CMI courses as online courses