Weirdest musical genre crossover?


My pick (at least at the moment) has to be “indie folk rap”.


Random category!
Agree - for this question it should have an intersection between traditional and current trends.
New stuff that I hear

then I remember that gypsy-rock provoking something inside of me

And again, Batushka blows my mind

And I cannot mention my friends. they only a bit popular in few cities, and it’s a personal choice, but frontman rent me a room, then motivate me to start my company and on his kitchen, at night we coded our first freelance job - lyrics also crazy

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Batushka reminds me of Rammstein – that’s high praise coming from me! They call themselves, to translate into English, “dance metal”. You might remember “Du Hast”, but honestly that song isn’t even in my top 10.

I don’t even know German, and I’ve loved this band since I was 14 or so. Go figure.

I’ll be sure to listen to the others as well, once I can stop listening to Batushka… :wink:


my main wish for Batushka that they will be booked worldwide for next 2-5 years, because they can be easily caught in Russia for using church attributes
(and it’s like summoning devil at live show). googling it

I also think about another one band. But 50% of their custom is lyrics. and it hard to express why they are cool