Weirdest musical genre crossover?

My pick (at least at the moment) has to be “indie folk rap”.

Random category!
Agree - for this question it should have an intersection between traditional and current trends.
New stuff that I hear

then I remember that gypsy-rock provoking something inside of me

And again, Batushka blows my mind

And I cannot mention my friends. they only a bit popular in few cities, and it’s a personal choice, but frontman rent me a room, then motivate me to start my company and on his kitchen, at night we coded our first freelance job - lyrics also crazy

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Batushka reminds me of Rammstein – that’s high praise coming from me! They call themselves, to translate into English, “dance metal”. You might remember “Du Hast”, but honestly that song isn’t even in my top 10.

I don’t even know German, and I’ve loved this band since I was 14 or so. Go figure.

I’ll be sure to listen to the others as well, once I can stop listening to Batushka… :wink:

my main wish for Batushka that they will be booked worldwide for next 2-5 years, because they can be easily caught in Russia for using church attributes
(and it’s like summoning devil at live show). googling it

I also think about another one band. But 50% of their custom is lyrics. and it hard to express why they are cool

More ethnic music(surprise)

when the beat comes in, it’s that first sign that things could be different… and her voice sounds so much like she wants to sing but just told everybody she decided to wrap instead.