Wealth: A New Era of Economics

Wealth: A New Era of Economics

Capitalism and Socialism are in a climatic feud. Why? Because they are dying. Don’t believe me? Let me challenge your assumptions and introduce you to the future. Let me tell you some stories.

Hi Mark,

Thanks for the article. I am trying to understand a few things I hope that you can help.

Here is where I am coming from at this problem (you can skip this paragraph if it’s too long to read). I am a giver and not a taker. I value giving and I look into ways where the gift economy flourishes. In my ideal world I would give a product or service and give with it currency rather than receive currency for it. As the adage goes, the more you give the richer you are. However the problem arises when I have to “account” for this wealth, thus how arrived at your article.

I like how there is an additive-only currency as it solves the problem of “accounting” for the giving as there won’t be a negative balance to deal with. But I am not 100% sure how it works. If I provide a service for instance I will gain 100 points (I understand that you want a ratio system so I will ask about it later), but who keeps the tab? Where did the 100 points come from? If everyone is just gaining points in like 200 years wouldn’t our accounts become in zillions and the gazillions?

I am not understanding fully how this problem is solved with the ratio, like for instance 2% for coffee?

I so hope that the future will reward giving rather than hording. I hope you can help to explain how this will work.



Great Q!

I did a whole talk on this to answer the technical details of how:

Hope it helps!

Also, please join http://chat.free.eco/ if you’re interested in helping create this future!!!

Thanks. I watched it and loved it especially the A < G, but still not sure about the details. Will join the discord.