We want a company website, confused if we should use CMS or custom coded website?


Hi there,
We are willing to develop a company website, basically the service page but we are not sure if we should go with the custom coded website or a CMS like WordPress.
Please share your valuable info, it will really help us in making a final decision.



I guess people don’t care about what you use, you can even use CMS and use custom themes or plugins so it will save time and stress.

The company might even need it very fast, so custom coded isn’t a great option!



Thanks Malik for your suggestion. Will performance be an issue with so many plugins and security with their update issue!



That’s the issue, I mean updating issues.

That’s why it is better to be permanent developer for a company, so you will maintain the website (and also help them with plugin and security updation).

I guess you have to explain this to them!



first of all, you need documentation. without documentation - in both cases you’ll have issues.
It’s like pregnant in 16 vs Planned parenthood

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It really depends on the client’s requirements, budget and schedule. It’s better to make a custom coded but it requires more work and time!



“companies” websites don’t live long. i mean they frequently redesigned, etc.
my take on - just spend few days and create a website on any NO CODE movement builders, like wix or squarespace. save you time, money. and looks fine.

and i hate WordPress



First things first: what will this service site do? Will it collect information via forms? Will it be mobile-friendly? Give me any and all details related to the site – without those details, making a recommendation is like telling someone where to live without knowing anything about them. :slight_smile:



Heyy Austin, Thanks for responding.

This website is just for lead generation. Here is how the requirements look like

  1. 10-12 pages + 1 contact use form
  2. A blog
  3. Some easy panel where a copywriter can write content without having technical skills like PHP, Java or etc.

I guess, now you have more info. Could you please recommend your solution for the same!



Have a look a wix, squarespace and wordpress.com, they all provide hosting, there are paid tiers that help you pretty up your site.

I use formspree on static sites for a contact page, you can use it here too.

You’re not asking for much so there is no point reinventing the wheel, at least on your first pass through, as you use whatever platform youll begin to understand your requirements better, then maybe a custom solution might make sense.



What is the goal of building the company’s website?
I’m a freelance coder. Sometimes I have a task to build one, I use WordPress & its plugin. But if you have some possibilty to advance, you should build by programming.

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I love Formspree also :slight_smile:

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Then it should be onepager. blog/shmlog - you don’t need it. I see that you don’t need it(X-ray vision).

Landing page builders - cheaper that developer and with good taste

Don’t use PHP as well. it’s a dead language(trust me, I’m a PHP dev)



Each time you run a new WordPress installation - one squirrel died. Please don’t. They cute.



If you want to have a quickly result,then use CMS.
If you want in the future to do some changes or add pages to your website,then also CMS is better.
If you don’t want to spend a lot of money - CMS is solution, as setting up an HTML-only site can be expensive.
So my choice is obvious.

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I know CMS like WordPress always seem tempting.

But if you have the time, skills, and want something more customizable (not that WordPress is not customizable, because you can do literally anything with it), you could just create a static HTML site, as if you normally would, or a react, vue or angular static site and then plug in a Headless CMS service like Cosmic.js, prismic.io or even Strapi (self-hosted). All these options are free(with limited features but its worth checking it out), except Strapi (free, full-featured, but it requires a little more configuration).



What a mess!