We are “Tech Magnets” Richard Garcia & Michael Ambrosino, co-founders of The Profile Firm, where we focus on finding top talent for Seed- Series D funded companies. Ask us anything 06/21/19 @Noon

Hey, Hacker Noon community :wave: Hope you’re ready for a double dose of AMA! :coffee:

They call us the “Tech Magnets” (Richard Garcia & Michael Ambrosino) we’ve been working with major tech companies, helping them attract the right talent and grow their business. We later merged and created The Profile Firm.

A little bit about Richard: “I am the former lead technical recruiter at Tesla, where I used to work on software/hardware and DevOps. Then I hopped over as lead professional technical recruiter at Google specifically working on AI/ML staffing. After that, I joined Facebook as the lead technical recruiter for Ph.D. Data Science.

Most recently, I was head of talent at Brex helping them grow from 25-125 members and to become the fastest Unicorn in SV history.”

And about Michel: “I have worked with companies such as Salesforce, Square, Microsoft, Bloomberg, MongoDB, Mulesoft, Unity Technologies, and more on their leadership training and development.”

Together we founded The Profile Firm, where we focus on finding top talent for Seed- Series D funded companies — specifically technical talent.

Very excited to do this here on Hacker Noon’s Discourse you guys are a fantastic community. :raised_hands:

Feel free to ask any questions below. Talk soon!


Looking forward to it!

Hi Richard, did you prefer recruiting at Tesla or at Facebook and for what reason?

Hey Richard, I heard Facebook has pretty interesting protocols when it comes to interviewing: interviewees have to deal with different personalities etc. Is that true or does it depends on the team?

Hi Michael and Richard! Thank you for answering community questions:)
I was wondering, how do you go about asking the right questions when you might not know everything about the specific language the interviewee would be hired for ?

Hey Richard, so cool to see you here!
In terms of training, did you have good training from either Facebook or Tesla or do they just tell you what they need and you have to figure out your process ?

Hey guys! It is known that engineers are pretty bad at marketing themselves,Do you have tips for engineers who struggle to find jobs mostly because they are not confident enough?

Hey Mike and Richard, thank you for joining the AMA. They are a lot of hiring firms out there and Facebook probably has the potential to have an intern hiring team, why do they work with external agencies?

Hello Richard and Michael, thank you both for doing an AMA with Hacker Noon!
I am curious on what was the training program and development like for these companies? What are the most common personal characteristics you have seen in the new hires?

Also Richard, I would love to know about your time at Tesla. It was a fun company to look at. Did you enjoy your work there?

Hi Richard, hi Michael! Thank you for doing this AMA! I’m curious, what are some hiring practices you’ve used in the past that turned out to be ineffective?

Hey guys, what would you say is the toughest: convince senior engineer working at startups to go corporate or corporates to go on the start up side?

Hey Mike and Richard! As a recruiter firm, is that tough to get the contracts with companies? what is the process to get a contract with a company like facebook ?

Thank you so much!!

Hi the Tech Magnets :slight_smile:
Thanks for this AMA.
Here is my question :
Do you usually have exclusivity to find the right fit or do you compete against other recruiting firms ? How competitive is the recruiting industry?

Hey guys! thx for answering everyone’s questions.
How do you measure quality of a new hire ? Do you speak frequently with the firm to ask them for feedback or once the candidate is hired everything is off hand?
Thanks a lot,

Hola Richard and Mike!
It seems like being a recruiter is easy but im sure that its not… what would you say makes a good recruiter? Do you need the hustle of a sales person or do you need more knowledge about a particular industry? Like if you guys had to start placing designers, how hard would that be for you to switch? urgh a lot of questions aha!

Thanks a lot for this AMA with Hackernoon!

Hey Tech Magnets! Love the name!

So, I know engineers education might have changed among the years, so what kind of engineers is particularly difficult to find nowadays, like during your experience recruiting what kind of hurdle did you run into?

Thank you both,

Hey Michael and Richard!
What a cool story!
What would you say is the toughest: convince senior used to start ups to go corporate or corporate vice versa?

Thank you,

Hey Rich and Mike, nice meeting you! I am really curious, as a recruiter, is that tough to get the contracts with the big companies? What is the process? Because I guess a lot of people would love and big guys cant have contract with like 200 agencies, right?

Thanks a lot for your time guys!!

Hi guys, thanks for doing this!
We know that your time is precious.

  1. Please tell us your opinion or vision about how to overcome diversity in tech(women have lover salary than men)

  1. I think that current HR process for tech is broken(if you agree – do you plan to change that or maybe you’re doing something differently). Few words about it please.

  1. What is your take on entry-level jobs and is this a part of your interests?
    I saw a few companies like LambdaSchool, they teching to code for free. You need to pay when you get a job. Similar like record labels sign a contract with a new small bands. Is this a bad or good thing you think?

Thanks again!