Ways to get more Pinterest followers

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Pinterest is a popular social media platform where users can share images about products, services, projects, etc. It also shows a path to users to find out new interests by checking with other images that users have posted. Pinterest is like web-based bulletin boards with more functionality. It is a game-changer for businesses and does wonders for its success.

So, are you looking to include Pinterest and create more followers? You can partner with a digital marketing agency agency to increase more followers for your Pinterest and optimise the advertising. Also, this article throws some light on increasing followers on Pinterest.

Before that, let see the reasons to create followers on Pinterest.

  • Create reliability and expert in your niche
  • Increase in website traffic
  • Marketing is free for your business
  • Business increases income and bottom line

Let us discuss how to gain followers on Pinterest and get benefits out of it.

  1. Be energetic and involve in Pinterest – Once way to succeed on Pinterest is to make friends with Smart Feed. Overcome with it and you will have followers on Pinterest flowing in. Also, a pin scheduler like Tailwind helps a lot to get followers. But more effective would be to be present and involve physically on Pinterest. This would increase Pinterest rank. The following ways would suggest you to be involved well in Pinterest:

  2. Pin on a regular basis.

  3. Re-pin from Explore-Trending Pages regularly.

  4. Manually pin other people’s pin.

  5. In case you come across ‘Board to Follow’ mentioned in your Feed, if you feel relevant, follow them.

  6. Check for you Pin activity and re-pin when pinned by others.

  7. Click on the saved pins to take you to your Pin activity. Look for each pinboard and re-pin them. Image 1 shows the re-pin button.

Image 1 – Re-pin

  1. Follow Your Competitors Groups – If you wait for your followers to come to you, then you are wasting time waiting. A good way is to generate followers is to find out your competitors’ followers and follow them. This would be successful as your competitor and you have the same target group as an audience and there are chances that they would follow you as well. To find out your competitors’ followers, here are a few ways:

  2. By using the search bar, find out the search term from your competitor’s profile. For example, if your content topic is SEO, probably you could type SEO tips or something similar.

  3. Once you type in the term, you would see four options, click the option ‘People’.

  4. This would display people who have SEO or any related term in their profile.

This would help you find the competitor’s followers and start to follow them.

  1. Make use of the Search Bar – Keywords might not be valuable for Pinterest, but it is used by followers to search for you. It helps searchers to find what they look for. Billions of searches are performed on Pinterest per month, and many have purchased from Pinterest due to this. Hence, find out the relevant keywords to use in the board titles, descriptions, profile, and in the search bar. For example, your blog is to generate income at home. So, the relevant keywords would be income, generate income, etc.

1. Make use of Pinterest Sections – Pinterest’s new feature ‘sections’ is to categorise boards inside another board. Sections are used for pin organization that attracts the users. It guarantees that audiences would get what they look for without travelling to all the pins. You need to click on ‘Add Sections’ from the board to include sections in your Pinterest. Image 2 shows the Add Section option on Pinterest.

Image 2 – Add Section in Pinterest

2. Promoted Pins – If you are aware of Pinterest and already using it for marketing purposes, you must be owning a business account with Pinterest. One advantage with a business account is to be able to promote the pins. To promote pins, you need to pay to execute ads on Pinterest to get more visibility on your pins. It is like executing Facebook Ads.

3. Make Use of Hashtag Bandwagon – Hashtags have been recently included in Pinterest and it is now exploding everywhere. There is a way to find out whether the pins are new and relevant. For you to be reached to followers, you need to include a hashtag bandwagon. Make use of relevant hashtags in your pin descriptions like seen in Image 3.

Image 3 – Hashtags in Pinterest

To make use of hashtags, you need to type the symbol # followed by the keyword you need to use. It would pop down a few suggestions that will be used by people to search.

4. Kick Start A Group Board – Group boards are an excellent way for marketing. It is popular to increase website traffic. It has the potential to strengthen your followers. To start a group board, you can perform using the following two ways:

  1. Start with a new board
  2. Make use of a board that you already have

Once the board is created, you can add contributors using the ‘+’ sign as seen in Image 4.

Image 5 – Group Boards

Indicate the board guidelines clearly in the description.

5. Include Infographics – Crafting infographics are interesting in content marketing. It is effective for the following reasons:

  1. Infographics are more readable than text blog posts
  2. Data is represented in a visual way
  3. Infographics stand ahead in any Pinterest feed
  4. People react better to visual content than text content

Hence, include infographics to your Pinterest strategy and you can see a change in the number of followers.

6. Provide A Push On Pinterest – Pinterest is quite an intelligent platform but to identify your pins and categorise it requires more help on it. Pinterest can identify a few of your pin features like its size and colour. It requires assistance to categorize the pins. The following would provide a solution for it:

  1. For a new pin on Pinterest, pin it to its relevant board.
  2. If your pin is about digital marketing, posts on the board that are about digital marketing. Also, you need to check that the keywords are optimized in the pin description for easy identification of the pin.
  3. This helps to categorise your pins for easy search.

This would result in more followers.

7. Profile Name Optimization – You need to utilize space in your profile name and optimize it using keywords. This would help to gain more followers. Also, have quality keywords included in your profile name.

8. Make Use Of The Right Tool To Get More Pinterest Followers – There are many Pinterest tools to get more followers. Few of them are listed below:

  1. TailWind – For pin scheduling
  2. Canva, Photoshop, Venngage – These are designing software to create fabulous pin graphics
  3. Social Sharing Plugins like Social Snap – Used to upload images specific to Pinterest

9. Delete Unwanted Pins – If your pins are not doing well, or not a quality one content it would not help you in any way. You need to delete those pins that are:

  1. Duplicate of the same pin and have less re-pins
  2. Older pins that are not apt for your brand now
  3. Not performing well in Pinterest


Increasing your Pinterest might be a little tough to start with. But as it kicks starts, it is easier. Lately, it has had many updates and has the latest strategies included in it. Once you have implemented it, you would be seeing more followers.

what is the best time to pin for technology blogs?

According to Fannit, the best time to Pin is between 8 pm and 11 pm and between 2 am, and 4 am EST. But, according to 10Alike, the best times to Pin are between 2 and 4 pm EST and 8 pm to 1 am EST. On the flip side, you should avoid posting content when people are at work. or you can read this>> https://buffer.com/resources/pinterest-scheduling-frequency-timing http://www.trendzzzone.com/get-engagement-hike-with-best-posting-time-on-social-media/