Walkthrough Metal Detectors - What You Need to Know

Have you been looking to purchase a walk-thru metal detector for your business but do not know where to start? This article will provide you a quick guide to help you know what you need to know about the different types of walk-thru metal detectors that are available for you to buy. Metal Detectors are great for your business because they can alert you to the presence of hidden security threats and help prevent theft before it happens. Most businesses use metal detectors to help keep the employees secure. If you are looking to purchase the best walk-thru metal detector, consider reading this article as it will cover some key points about them to aid your decision making process.

What is a Walk Through Metal Detector?

A walk-thru metal detector is a security device that alerts you or other security personnel when an individual has a concealed object on their person. The device is usually placed as a single barrier gate within a specific area.

The gate is usually placed where you would normally walk through (ie: at the entrance to an office, hotel, restaurant, or at the main counter at a store). Walk thru metal detectors are used to detect dangerous items such as knives, guns, key chains, coins, etc. A security metal detector will alert you to the presence of these items. Depending on various factors, it may also be able to locate the exact location of the concealed item.

How Does a Walk Through Metal Detector Work?

A walk-through metal detector works similar to a metal detector used to screen items for potential weapons in airports. A metal detector has a coil that is sensitive to a specific set of frequencies. This set of frequencies is typically tuned to be able to identify any metal object that is within a specific range.

This range is measured in terms of depth and width. The depth of the metal detector is the distance from the coil to the surface where the item is located. The depth of the metal detector is measured in terms of the size of the metal object that is being targeted. The width of the metal detector is the width of the area that is being scanned. The sensitivity of a metal detector is the level of detection capability that it has.

Types of walk through metal detectors

There are two broad categories of walk-through metal detectors. They are single-zone and multi-zone walk-through metal detectors. Multi-zone walk-through metal detectors will provide you with the location and the type of weapon on a specific person, while single-zone walk-through metal detectors will only identify the location of the weapon. Single-zone walk-through metal detectors have been the standard for years.

There are several reasons for why the multi-zone type of detection has become so popular.

First, the multi-zone metal detector has a faster response. This is because the individual is being scanned for a single person. When the detector identifies that the target is on the left or right side of the individual, the detector stops searching the person. In the other category, the single-zone metal detector has a slower response. The detector stops searching the person only after the entire body has been searched.

A walk-through metal detector china company has a number of security metal detector products that are intended to meet the needs of a variety of businesses and most of their products are of professional quality.

How can I use a walk-through metal detector?

The walk-through metal detector is a great tool to have at your disposal to help in your security. Most walk-through metal detectors can be used in a few different ways. You can use it at entrances/exits, walk through security/customs, metal detectors at stores, metal detectors at restaurants. Using a walk-through metal detector is usually an individual decision that should be made on a case-by-case basis.

If you have a specific situation that you are having trouble with, it would be best to talk to a security supervisor or person who is trained to use walk-thru metal detectors. Most security companies that offer walk-thru metal detectors have trained security personnel to help you. You can contact the company directly or find a security company that does walk-thru metal detector screenings in your area.


Walk-through metal detectors can handle any size person at once and any number at the same time. In addition to being easy to use, they can last for years with proper maintenance. This makes them a great tool on a variety of occasions, like the airport, train station or even a factory. All you have to do is follow the instructions and the system will do the rest.