"Update Story" Button Returning Error

I would like to update my published story, but am unable to do so because every time I click the “Update Story” button, I am greeted with the message, “There was an error. Please try again later”. The “Save” button also doesn’t appear to work, as no drafts of my edit are being saved. I reached out to Hackernoon almost a week ago through the contact form but have received no response. I have significant updates to my story and need to be able to edit it. How do I resolve this?

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Thanks for letting me know, I’ll pass it on. Is it still doing this?

Could you please provide me with the link to the story? Either on here or in PM?

Thank you!

The story I am attempting to upload edits to is:

As you can see from the attached screenshot, it is very much still giving me an error when I click the “Update Story” button:

Hey hey @boa, I’m a Dev here at HackerNoon. could you try to update your story again and see if it works. If you keep getting that error, could you share with us a screenshot of your browser console after the error occurring (F12 key in most of the browsers). Hope to hear from you soon.


For some reason I am not getting notifications, so I missed your response. Is there a way I can send you the screen shot via a private message?

Hey, you can send it to my email jeferson@hackernoon.com

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Thanks! I’ll send it shortly

Hello folks, if you have been seeing this error, there indeed was an issue with author updating their own published stories which has now been fixed

Please post here if you continue to have issues and be sure to include the URL to your story or draft. Thank you.

Begging your Pardon,

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