Understanding the beautiful town of Cle Elum


The word Cle Elum literally mean “swift water”. This is the name given in a unique language known as Kittian Indians. While initially, it was given to a waterway, it made sense for a town that had a delightful quiet lake made by the development of the dam here. This town was authoritatively incorporated in 1902 on 12th of February. Cle Elum is also the origin of the space traveler Dick Scobee, the administrator of the Space Transport Challenger upon the arrival of its blast. With an initiative spearheaded by the famous John Bresko, Cle Elum became the first town to have a proper organized skiing system in the west of Denver, Colorado. Beginning in the year 1921, about hundred to four hundred individuals would be on the ski slope each end of the week through the winter. 1931 saw the biggest group estimated to be at 8,000 observers for the ski hopping occasions. It was only during the depression that things started to go haywire. Today, it stands with beautiful properties like Suncadia Resort awaiting its patrons. If you are an enthusiast of visiting calm and tranquil towns, then here is what you can consider knowing about this town:

Known for its museums Cle Elum has many little museums to keep you amused. Here are the ones you can consider visiting:

Enter the Carpenter House, and lo and behold; you have a stage into the past. This wonderful 1914 house, with its roomy rooms, minor niches and third-floor assembly hall, holds the narrative of Cle Elum’s first fruitful investor and his family. Artists of High Country share this noteworthy house, and its specialty shows give guests an additional peek into the history of this beautiful town nestled in the arms of the west.

The most established telephone museum situated in the west of the Mississippi takes you back into the past. With shows covering the historical backdrop of phone innovation from 1876 to 1970. This was the area where the last operated assisted, telephone organized system in the Pacific Northwest framework spreading over Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana existed. The museum also includes an assortment of coal mining ancient rarities and displays.

Little tucked in properties

Another reason why people plan vacations here is because of the tranquility that properties like Suncadia Resort provide. Here are some options you can consider:

Suncadia Resort

Best Western Snowcap Lodge

Econo Lodge

Steward Lodge

Timber Lodge Inn

All of these are just some of the places you can choose to stay. Apart from this there are plenty of little getaways to try the amazing local delicacies served here. These include:

Eateries in Cle Elum

The best places to visit include the following:

El Caporal Mexican Restaurant

Orchard Restaurant

The Sunset Cafe

Even hotels like the Suncadia Resort have little eateries to keep the guests entertained and happy. Take your pick and enjoy this lovely little town to the fullest! Plan a trip and see what the local flavors of United States truly look like.