UI designer

I’m Flavia. I’m UI & graphic designer. I’m looking for new ideas how to get a remotely job as UI designer. Https://www.behance.net/flaviaduzo


Hi Flavia. Very nice portfolio of graphics. Are you looking for full-time or part-time freelance work? I don’t see any user interfaces in the design so if you want to get UI design work, you can include some examples in your portfolio too.


Check this article and if you have questions - dont hesitate to ask

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I’m doing some online course on XD. I’m studying online UX course. I just need an opportunity to show my skills.

upload your work on dribbble, bechance - create an article/showcase on hackernoon - each of this investment will pay off later

I have my graphic designer portfolio on Behance. Now, I’m doing some website portfolio.

Can you tell us exact problem that you have? you cannot find a job but you did everything as books recommend, right?

  1. https://www.behance.net/flaviaduzo you could have more items. I mean it should be more
  2. https://flaviaduzo.myportfolio.com/about i don’t like typography here. I mean if I see a designer website - anything should make my eyes happy
  3. link to instagram don’t opening
  4. do freebies, create articles. as senior designer - your own branding is more important than you skill(because i assume that it’s awesome)
  5. Linkedin looks awesome
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I appreciated it. :blush:

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Fantastic find. I like their tech idea.

Hi, I am an expert in UI or graphic designing or I have 10 years of experience.

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