Two Additional Social Proof Functions Around Time Reading Created

via the Social Proof Paradox by @natasha:

1. We added time reading created on the profile page (example):

2. We added reads to the story page (example):

And in the words of our CPO @Dane, this is why we’ve chosen to make these social proof related decisions:

"Social proof is one key element of the broader question: What motivates people to engage with Hacker Noon? Some readers want a simple signal to help decide if a story is worth reading. And writers want a reward signal to help facilitate a virtuous writing habit. So simply adding a subtle number of story reads at the top of the post helps both the reader and the writer.

We haven’t yet been able to invest as much energy as we’d like into social listening analytics or custom story commenting/reacting functionality. So stay tuned for more Hacker Noon social proof in the coming months."