Tried to Buy Brand-as-Author Credit, No Confirmation was Received

@Hackerhodl @David

I just tried to buy a 1-time brand-as-author credit. I put in my credit card and underneath the credit card entry it said “thanks. processing your payment” and…nothing.

There was no confirmation page, no confirmation email, nothing like that. Is this normal? Because if a company were to buy your other packs (spending over $1000), it seems kind of shady or scary to not be redirected to a confirmation page of any kind.

Should we just wait? What is the protocol here?


Lionbridge Marketing Team

Hey @Lionbridge_AI,

Looks like a stripe issue.

Once you make a purchase, you automatically receive the invoice and your credit is added automatically.

It appears at my end that your payment was not processed. If, however, your credit card was charged, do let us know with a screenshot of the transaction charge sent to

Also, if you wish, we can do this manually for you. Simply write to the email above and we’ll take it from there.

Hope that helps.