Track head light CUBI Model TS112347 25W

Track head light cubi TS112347 3 phases 4 wires for lighting designers, today we introduce our led track head TS112347 built-in driver. TS112347 is the versatility of the track lighting system allows individual management in any direction along the track, and movement in the front side. Beam angle available 15/25/35 degrees. Track lighting cubi TS112347 is trendy for lighting designers, in Valentiae this CUBI series model n. TS112347 has been towards greater design, exceptional quality, and a five-year warranty.

It is installed for different types of projects ambient, task or accent lighting. If you are looking for lighting options to install in your projects, retail shops, store, office, hotel, apartments, homes, this is your option.

Our website has a llarge selection of track headlight for any lighting project you are about to develop. If you want to know the retail price check out there.