Top SEO Trends To Get on Top of The Search Result in 2020

“It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.” — Albert Einstein

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the newest marketing strategies and it is extremely fast-paced. It has come up to a great extent that the time it was started. The main principle of SEO is to make websites easy to find and understand. The SEO scene is quite dynamic and off course many things remain the same as placing relevant keywords in the titles, optimize for mobile users, and so on. But few things keep changing always. Google is trying its best to be the end destinations of its user’s journey. Digital marketing agency in Gurgaon comes out with various SEO trends and guide your website to be at the top of the search result.

So, let us see the most important SEO Trends for 2020 and the ways to implement it.

Voice And Mobile Search – The biggest SEO Trend for 2020 is to optimize mobile and voice search. We are unsure of the size of voice search, but the mobile search is going strong and confirmed from many sources as well. Accordingly, Google has substituted its primacies by introducing Mobile-First Index, meaning that Google mainly used a page’s mobile version for indexing and ranking. If a page does not look good on a mobile device or there is less mobile content, you would tend to lose ranking in mobile and desktop search results.

A Mobile user would find voice search easier to find answers while the users are on the go. Hence, it is obvious to assume that voice search is getting popular and these two SEO Trends are connected to each other. Both the mobile and voice users would be likely to look for answers while they are in the middle of the task. In either case, the top result matters a lot. You can optimise for mobile and voice search using the following way:

  • First is to make your mobile site fast to load
  • Follow a content strategy to catch those competitors. Mobile users might not prefer to keep scrolling up and down

Semantic Search And Intent Optimization – Google is quite away from exact keyword optimization. It instead looks at the query context and analyses the possible search intent to deliver results.

Google has a good understanding of search intent and the traditional method of content creation that focuses one keyword does not work any longer. Hence, we need to optimize content for semantic search and search intent in the following way:

  • Make use of semantic research tool
  • Text optimizer is an intent optimization platform that guides you to cluster any search query into related entities and concepts. It makes use of Google’s search snippets to generate new ideas to increase your initial copy for more solutions.
  • Based on the semantic search, you can build sentences based on common co-occurrence analysis of the selected terms

SERP Marketing And Content Diversification – Google builds an ultimate resource that provides a comprehensive answer to any query given. In one search result of Google, the following appears:

  •, about the topic listed
  • Knowledge graph that contains user reviews, maps, basic facts, and so on. What Google is aware of the entity entered
  • Related Videos
  • “People Also Ask” results. This is an interactive box. Users will be able to click on any question to read answers and expand the follow-up questions
  • Visual results that are related to the search query. For example, if the search result is related to travel destinations, you would similar destinations and related search

Here, SERP marketing concepts come in. You should stop focuses on organic listings and start to optimize for all the other search elements that include images, videos, and quick-answer sections. To create an effective SERP marketing campaign, here are the steps:
Analyse Your Current Opportunities – You need to determine the content formats that would dominate your target queries. You can understand your current opportunities and optimize for those.
Setup Content Collaboration Strategy – Content diversification brings out opportunities and challenges. You need to come up with quality content assets in many different formats.
Organize Your Strategy By Using An Editorial Calendar – Make use of editorial calendar solution for content collaboration and co-marketing opportunities that helps you to organize your campaigns.

Structured Data – Google tries to fetch more data from your pages and give the publishers more exposure by analysing the data. This would give the SEOs more advantage over the competition. To implement structured data, you can make use of various tools, solutions, and plugins. This would allow any website owner to implement the concept of structured markup without having the need for technical knowledge.

High-Quality And Optimized Content – Content affects the SEO to a large extent. Right from the website structure and the internal linking strategy to its various types of link that is built, content is everything. One of the most important SEO trends for 2020 says that you need to write something that is applicable and valued. Ensure that you have the best web content for your topic. Make this your goal. This would help to compete efficiently for long-tail searches. It would help your website to build authority and demand for your content and can be done in an ROI positive way. You need to focus more on topics while building the content. To have effective content written, these points would help you:

  • Understand your audience and the way they search
  • Understand the intent of each question they ask or any problems to solve
  • Provide solutions or answers in the way they prefer
  • Check for every stage to create a good experience for the audience
    UX And Technical SEO – Yet another SEO Trend that you should focus on for greater success is User Experience (UX). This would include the complete experience from the early interaction to the complete landing page experience. It also includes the experience after the audience leaves the site. You need to include pointers as to the way that would help users have the best possible experience and make their visit a good one. Technical SEO is a main element of the UZ discussion. It is more important for SEOs to focus on their technical basics. Parallelly you need to work on the site and page speed as well.

Link And Brand Building – To acquire top-tier links for 2020, you need to move link building to a customer-first approach for the year 2020.

This would include focusing on the three types of journalist writing:
Planned Editorial – For a specific topic, the journalists write content for every year.
Planned Reactive Editorial – The various features that are written by journalists on a specific topic that gets linked to a seasonal event or theme. We would not be aware of this until the editors write and publish the content.
Reactive Editorial – Features that are currently available and those are unplanned/not predicted are said.
SEO its responsibility to build links and media placements that would drive traffic and push brand.

As we are aware that SEO is moving far ahead, and it is indeed a very exciting industry to be involved in. Make use of the popular tools and the tips discussed to stand ahead in the search result.

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