Top 7 industries Blockchain will Most likely disrupt

Top 7 industries Blockchain will Most likely disrupt

If “The future is decentralization” becomes a reality, there is no doubt blockchain will be at the heart of that future. After all, the concept and the ideas of decentralization were born based on the introduction of blockchain.

Blockchain can and will disrupt every industry that has to do anything with data and money. And that counts in every single industry.

It’s really going to be one heck of a revolution.

Blockchain is also disrupting the energy industry. It will save a ton of energy by optimizing energy use. because as it is today, the total energy produced is more than what is required, and even then not everyone gets access to it.

Blockchain will certainly change it by streamlining the process of energy distribution and consumption.

As @ETHfanboy stated, blockchain can and will disrupt any industry that deals with data and money.

However, the biggest challenge today with blockchain is its inability to store large amount of data. Let’s agree on this, there is a huge amounts of data, and with the current storage potential, blockchain would find it difficult to cope with the data inflow.