Top 10 interview questions for Hyperledger Expert

Are you planning to make a career in Blockchain, then Hyperledger is something that you should know . Known to be one of the best platforms and providing utmost security, there is a greater demand for Hyper ledger expert. At Blockchain Council, we provide the best training and learning on Hyperledger and allied concepts and prepare you for the future. We have curated these questions that will prepare you for an interview for Hyperledger expert.

  1. What is Hyperledger fabric?

It is an open source platform started by Linux Foundation in 2015. It was started to provide enterprise solution to the companies. It provides a podium for developing applications on modular architecture. Hyperledger promotes cross-industry collaborations by using DLT frameworks, access control, smart contracts, GUI, client libraries.

  1. What are the Nodes?

The communication entities in Hyperledger are called Nodes.

  1. What are the three different types of Nodes?

The following types of nodes exist in the system :

Client Node- the one that starts the transactions

Peer Node- It commits the transactions

Order Node- It guarantees the delivery

  1. What is Channel?

In Hyperledger, the channel is the subnet of the main Blockchain. There can be a number of channels.

  1. Can different channels have a peer or node?

Yes, it can be a part of different channels.

  1. If a transaction takes place in the subnet, is it visible to the public?

No, the transactions are only visible to the subscribers of the particular channel.

  1. What Consensus Mechanism?

When we talk in context of Hyperledger, then every node represents a client. It makes use of Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance or PBFT model.

  1. What is HyperLedger SawTooth Lake?

This is an open-source project supported by Intel.

  1. Hyperledger Indy: What do you know about it?

It is an open-source project that supports independent identity on Blockchain and DLT. This platform provides tools, reusable components, libraries for providing digital identities.

  1. Tell me something about Hyperledger Burrow?

Hyperledger Burrow executes Ethereum smart contract code on a permissioned virtual machine. This is sponsored by Linux and Intel. It provides transaction finality on a proof-of-stake PBFT based consensus engine.