To remote or not to remote, that is the question πŸ€”

To remote or not to remote, that is the question :thinking:

Every once in a while people approach me and ask what it takes to start working remotely, so I figured I could turn my talk into a short post.

100% agree that the rise of remote work puts more value on written communication. As someone with a (mostly) remote team, it’s also good to see you touch on the mental health aspects. Remote work can feel isolating, and when it does, people need to take a step back and take care of their well being first. It’s great to meet in person from time to time - in building Hacker Noon we meet up once a quarter in different locations (last two were SF and London) in order to work together in person and talk out the quarter ahead.


I’ll add two things:

  • running/jogging was one of the best thing that i discover working remotely. run if you awake and don’t want to work now. it will pump you up.
  • walk if you need to think about something and get distracted. it will calm you down

I think writing, especially at summer, outdoor is a great way to clean mind and get things done.