To Join Coil and Monetize HackerNoon Articles, Do we have to Pay Coil's $5 a month subscription fee?

The instructions on the latest HackerNoon post were:

  1. Sign up for Coil as a Creator and get a payment pointer.
  2. Add your payment pointer to your HN profile settings.

However, when signing up for Coil it seems like it is not a free service. IS this true?

Hey @limarc2000, you can continue to use Hacker Noon as is. Our content will remain free forever.

If you want to monetize your Hacker Noon stories, you can add your Coil Metatag to automatically start accepting earnings from Coil members. These payments will start very small.

If you want to start supporting other creators, you can pay Coil $5 month and they will automatically stream the micropayments via the browser from your subscription to the site or creator. In essence, it’s a way to give out rewards based on the time you spend with various sites and creators. Other tech sites like CSS Tricks and David Walsh’s blog are also web monetized.