This is why Wordpress sucks and you should probably stop using it

This is why Wordpress sucks and you should probably stop using it

As a builder of Wordpress websites, I need to speak my truth

Well, yes, Wordpress might not be a great match for expert coders, maybe not even for those who know the basics of coding, but the majority of the population do not know how to code. And it’s built for them.

On the same note, it would be wrong to say that Wix and Squarespace suck. Because they don’t. They were built from the view point such that non-techies ca build websites easily. Yes, that cuts down on the flexibility, but at least it eases the process of website setup.

It’s all about who is using them. No one opinion makes a lot of sense here. Not mine, not yours. It’s the collective opinion that matters.

Tell me to go deep into the technical stuff that comes tagged to building a website, and I would rather jump off a cliff. I, and I believe most people like me, would never want to see the complexity that goes behind building a website from scratch. Seriously, coders are superheroes. Even if I accidentally look at a few lines of codes, I start feeling useless. So, I don’t. lol. And that’s the reason Wordpress rocks.

Even as a rookie coder, I absolutely agree with what you say. Wordpress has quite a few weak points. And your suggestions, I feel, are great. Thanks for sharing.

But what about those who do not want to trouble themselves with these things? Wordpress is great for them, isn’t it? What do you say?

" After my website got hacked, I lost my entire design portfolio , and over 8 years of hi-res scans of my artwork (many of which I can’t get back)."

After you were hacked, did you do a post-mortem to figure out exactly what happened, how they got in? Was this a recent intrusion? We are conservative about adding plugins, and always do our security updates quickly but I have nightmares about the above…

You will want to check Roots awesome Trellis, Bedrock and Sage that builds upon wordpress and makes working with it fun again… Sage will borrow from Laravel and put you on the right track with automation, Trellis brings (amongst others) ssh deployment and dev/staging/prod parity. Working with a staging really did the trick for me: testing ahead of pushing live means no more update nightmare under pressure…

Additional super mega extra: the super helpful community will help you catch up on advanced topics (url rewriting and routing for wordpress, ansible and yarn and automate everything, multiple remote environment with database and assets synchronisation from cli-just to name a few)…

Oh! — Did I mention easy cert for ssl?

Have fun!

Edit: i should mention that the server being provisioned with best secure practices (ansible love!) you greatly reduce threats; production install wont auto update, ever and your client won’t be able to mess with much or even update anything…