This is the bottom of post for a not logged in reader now


theres no way to X it out.

you either:
*learn more blog post
*give information to create account
*or tolerate a sticker footer

Do we want to keep this account creation technique?



*update, from the learn more blog post



I’d call this an anti-pattern, something we’d like to avoid. Any popup you can’t close is a bad UX.

That said, we can pop up something when the user gets to the bottom of the page, and see if they’d like to create an account, subscribe to a newsletter, ask them to contribute, or anything else we’d like them to do once they finish reading a story. That would make sense to me, and as long as they can close it and it’s not sticky, I don’t think it’ll be intrusive like Medium’s UX.

What do you think of showing a less intrusive footer popup at the end of a story?

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I think this approach could work. We’ll have to prototype it.