The SADAQATOKEN-SDT- a new cat├ęgory of token

After the memes token, there is a new category of token, wich is the SADAQATOKEN, a solidarity token, wich a community or or big group of humans can participated to change something in the World. A lot of problems in our earth, we can see climate changes and crisis, deforestation, precarity and poverty. So we have to change this, using technology and cryptocurrency.

This the idea of the SDT, collect the Zakat from 1.8 milliard muslims to solv a lot of earth problems and crisis.

To know more about our project, please visit our website and tell us your opinion about that
I want to say that is a Humanproject not only a community project.


Thanks for read me, i will tell you what happens next about our token

Sadoqi Eljabir