The News According to Hacker Noon - Tuesday 30 June, 2020

Today on Hacker Noon —We Have Questions: Will this pandemic finally usher in the era of post-humanism that techno-utopians have been predicting for decades? What do we need to know about this recession? WTF Is A Transaction Relayer And How Does It Work?

It’s Launch Day. How Good is Your Inner Game?
Read this great short post from PM Tyler Mahoeny for a reminder of the importance of going inwards before launching your sh1t out into the world.

In 53% of My Followers Think We Buy New Tech, Not Progress. Here’s Why They’re Wrong , @josberco explores two philosophical approaches to product design⁠—as a result of a twitter poll he conducted on why people buy products. In short: 95% of new products fail because their makers adopt a “builder behavior” mindset, as opposed to a problem-solving one.

If you’re in product, what’s your go to approach for discerning the viability of a product?

Add your point of view in the comments .

Apparently we’re as reluctant to talk about money in Product Management as we are at the dinner table. As @tanayagrawal points out in Make it Sticky, then Acquire: 4 Pricing Lessons From My First 0-100 Users ,

"Pricing conversations usually happen later in the product development lifecycle, and PMs often wait for the product to gain some traction before discussing a robust monetization strategy. I have made those same mistakes, and my career as a product manager has taught me that monetization is something that needs to be thought of from day 0." @tanayagrawal

The Tech Worker’s Pandemic Advantage


"Were you thinking about learning to code? Hurry up! If you are a tech worker already experiencing this extremely positive blessing, be generous ." Anthony Watson , coder

Staying with future-facing stories :

Practice This Second Order Thinking Hack to Start Making Better Decisions

Nice mental-model explainer post from @vinitabansal. Click through for the decision-making template you may’ve been longing for.

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