The most beautiful and attractive icon of the city Barcelona

The Park Guell is one of the most beautiful and attractive icons of the city Barcelona, Spain. As its name suggest this is a public park with composed gardens and architectonic elements based on Carmel Hill. This park is also a work of Famous Architect Antoni Gaudi. In 18’s Gaudi was one of the famous architects in Barcelona, Spain. Most of the attractions in the city were built by the Gaudi with his unique ideas and creativeness. This garden is located in the upper part of the city, which has a wonderful view of Barcelona. There is a garden surrounded by modernist works. The park contains artificial works too but it seems like natural and this is a magic of Gaudi’s hands.


This park has a huge visitors. This park is divided into 2 halves and tourist can visit one half at free of cost and another one is chargeable, whose Park guell tickets can be bought online and offline.

The park was built from 1900-1914 and after 1926 they have opened this park as a public park.

On weekends this park can be seen full of people that can be tourists, locals, and children. People spend 1-2 hours in this park on an average basis. The park brings peace and calm and it has a great environment with a wide variety of wildlife, several of non- native species of parrots, short-toed eagle, and some hummingbirds

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