The Disintermediation of the Media - How Bad Journalism Came To Be And Why It Persists

The Disintermediation of the Media - How Bad Journalism Came To Be And Why It Persists

Multiple times a day, the President of the United States types a thought into his phone, my pocket buzzes, and I read his message. I don’t watch the news anymore.

First of all, fantastic observation. Second of all, I would add stand up comedy to that list.

Comedy and satire will always provide the best perspective possible and most of the time it will be completely unbiased. Polarized comedians can only address a narrow group of people. Even if it is a majority they will eventually be lured away when the media turns the stick and the carrot in another direction. Thus, the comedian can only stay relevant in the short term.

Just like those books you mentioned, I would also recommend seeing the world through the eyes of Robin Williams, George Carlin and many others that have withstood the test of time. It may be labeled as entertainment but there is a lot more to take away from those people than just the jokes.

Regarding the current situation, we can find the blame in every person and every part of our society. Starting with capitalism that created competition, the competition created metrics and big data as a way to increase profits, metrics and big data encouraged political ideas to address only the people that support them because just like companies, they only focus on results. I like to call them “expandable echo chambers” because you can always influence the undecided to join you eventually.

Here we encounter the privacy paradox. They can’t abuse that data if we don’t give it to them but without that data, we can not guarantee safety. It is very hard to make it selective.

To enhance the message they wanted to pass on to their voters, some genius decided to reincarnate whataboutism. In case anyone wants to see it in practice, here is a short clip from Last Week Tonight. Since it isn’t very efficient on its own in this day and age they added keywords and put labels on people. If it wasn’t for Cambridge Analytica Hillary would have never gotten the nickname “Crooked”. Repeating it a million times on rallies prooven efficient so it became a global trend. At this point professional Journalism was helpless. They killed it silently if you will.

This is why I would encourage watching the news because you can easily spot these keywords and reverse engineer the whole agenda behind them.

By removing responsibility and evading questions simply by forwarding that question to those before them puts journalists in a tough spot. You can either stand there and keep repeating the question and making a complete fool of yourself in the eyes of the masses, or you can try and ask it repeatedly during every press conference but it will always produce the same answer. They could also leverage this and convince their voters that you have an agenda against them. Out of all the jobs in the wrold I would probably pick Journalism as the very last option right now. It is impossible to stay sane in this mess and I envy the ones that actually try and get the job done.

By pursuing performance and results, we have created a seemingly unsolvable problem. Fixing one thing doesn’t mean you won’t cause a problem somewhere else.

We could go on and on about this but I will stop here because I want to leave some of that material form my stories as well and this comment became a lot longer than I expected.

Perfect is the enemy of good