The best techniques for off-page SEO

Two techniques I will share:-

  1. backlink:- backlink is the soul of the off-page technique but is getting backlink enough? of course not because getting a backlink from a reputed website is important. and trust me that is not an easy task. researching the sites and strategy for getting a backlink is the actual game. You can get a backlink by writing a guest blog on a reputed site, or you can write articles on different sites but this needs proper keyword research for your article.
  2. Social media:- Social media can play an important role in the SEO of your website. for that first you need to do SMO of your social media handles. you can do that by being active on the sites participating in the discussion on a trending topic. after getting decent followers you can share your content with other users using social media.

I know this sounds confusing for a one-man army because SEO is a very vast and complicated subject but not impossible.

You can learn about it over the internet but it is time-consuming because doing SEO is like raising a child which takes lots of effort and patience. otherwise, you can hire an expert for doing SEO for your website they can take care of your website for the SEO part.