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What is iPhone Monitoring? iPhones are very popular and easy to use. And we have seen what they are up to just as easy with HackRaptor. Contact:

How Do I Spy on an iPhone?
Just choose an iPhone monitoring app like HackRaptor. After purchasing a subscription, you will receive an email with installation instructions to help you get up and running. Simply follow the instructions in your Welcome Package and let HackRaptor get to work. Once everything syncs, you can pop into your Control Panel and see pretty much everything that’s on their phone.

Can I spy on an iPhone with just the number? Yes. HackRaptor is an iPhone tracking app that helps you monitor a phone by just entering the phone number or Apple ID.

How to Spy on iPhone Without Them Knowing

If you don’t want them to know that you are monitoring them, you need a spy app for iPhone undetectable solution. Because the app does not appear on their home screen, they won’t know that you have installed spy software for iPhone on their device.

Can I spy on iPhone Without Apple ID and Password?

If you opt for a smart iPhone tracker, it is easy to see their phone activity if you know their Apple ID and password. And if not, a smart iOS spy app like HackRaptor can come to the rescue too. Bottom line? When you buy a really good iOS spy app, you won’t have to worry about compatibility. HackRaptor iPhone spy monitoring app works both on jailbroken and non-jailbroken iPhones.

Is it Legal to Install iPhone Spy App?

If your goal is to monitor your child or spouse’s iPhone activity, you are legally allowed (in most jurisdictions) to track their online activity on iPhone without informing them. We recommend that you check the laws in your city, state, and country before proceeding with any monitoring app.

Can I See Read iMessages?

Yes! In addition to seeing their social media chats, an iPhone spy app like HackRaptor lets you peer into their iMessage. That includes messages sent between two iOS devices and messages sent between an iOS device and an Android.

Why HackRaptor is the Best Spy App for iPhone

When it comes to iPhone spy apps, HackRaptor goes the extra mile, arming you with features you did not even know existed. Once you install HackRaptor, you will have access to their social media chats on apps like WhatsApp, Snapchat, and Skype. You will also have the power to track them using GPS, get alerts as they come and go from locations that you decide on, search their web history, and more. There is really nothing else like HackRaptor on the market.

Is HackRaptor an Undetectable iPhone Spy App?

Absolutely. Some iPhone spy solutions are visible to the device owner, especially monitoring apps that are sold in the App Store. But not HackRaptor. It works in hidden mode, so they will never know you are using an iPhone tracker to read their chats, see their location, view their email, check their call history, and lots more.

Why is HackRaptor Better Than Other iPhone Spy Apps?

1.) It is compatible with all models of iPhone: This is the only spy app solution that is compatible with all iPhones and also easy to use.
2.) Easy install: HackRaptor offers multiple installation methods and will help you choose one that is most suitable for your needs and target device OS.
3.) Completely Hidden: There is no visible app on their home screen, so they won’t know that you have installed a spy app for iPhone.
4.) Value for Money: You can be rest assured that you will get the best value for your money when you use HackRaptor.
5.) iCloud-friendly: If you know their Apple ID, it is easy to get up and running in no time. 6.) After-Sales Support: HackRaptor works the way it should. But if you ever need help, we’re here for you.
7.) Data Protection: HackRaptor takes your privacy seriously, we spare no expense in making sure your personal info stays personal.

Access to Multiple Features from One App

HackRaptor is more than an app. It is the key to any iPhone and Android phone. And it is available to yours to help you unlock your digital world, find out the truth, and put your mind at ease.

Phone Call Monitoring: Are you wondering what they are up to when their phone rings? HackRaptor will help with a detailed call log, including timestamps, duration, and more.

Text Message Spy Monitoring: Are they constantly texting? Find out who they are texting and what they are saying. Every text. Every pic and video. It is all there.

Tinder Monitoring: Are they using the popular dating app to meet strangers? And are they doing it right under your nose? Find out with HackRaptor.

Snapchat Monitoring: With photos that disappear, Snapchat is every youngster’s dream. And it could also be a parent’s nightmare. Find out what pics they are sending and receiving with HackRaptor.

iMessage Monitoring: Do they use an iPhone? You can see the iMessages they have sent and received with ease. Everything is sent right to your Control Panel, so you will always be aware.

Photo Viewer: Are they sending and receiving controversial photos? HackRaptor can show you what is on their camera roll, complete with a time & date stamp to help you understand everything a little better.

Video Viewer: We (especially the younger folks) generally love to send and receive videos. Now you can take a look at them whenever you please. It is a great way to make sure they are not saving anything controversial on their device, like violent or pornographic content.

GPS Location Tracker: They deserve the freedom to explore. But you deserve to remain calm. That is why HackRaptor lets you find their location on a map. You can even check their route history, so you will know where they have been in the past as well.

Geofencing Alerts: Are you worried about where they are going? HackRaptor lets you know if they enter an area you do not approve of. Just set your safe zones on a map and get alerted when they come and go.

Monitor Skype: The popular app is used by people all over the world. Now you can discover what they are chatting about without standing over their shoulder.

Telegram Monitoring: The super-secure app is no match for HackRaptor. In just a few clicks, you can find out what they are saying. Texts. Pics. Just name it. Hangouts Monitoring: It is easy for them to chat on Hangouts. But it is even easier for you to find out what they are saying. By giving you access to their conversations, you will know if they are chatting with strangers.

Line Monitoring: The younger generation love Line for the avatars and games. Predators love it because it is filled with potential prey. Thankfully, there is HackRaptor to help keep them protected.

Viber Monitoring: Cyberbullying can happen anywhere, including on Viber. HackRaptor is guaranteed to help you find out if they are in danger by letting you see their conversations.

Kik Monitoring: Controversial conversations can happen anywhere, including on Kik, the popular messaging app. But HackRaptor puts you in control, letting you see what they have been saying.

Instagram Monitoring: The app that is great for sharing photos is also great for chatting with strangers. With HackRaptor, you can find out who they are connecting with. Now that is a good reason to smile.

App Viewer: Wondering what apps they have installed on their phone? Now you can find out without having to physically grab their device. Just log in to your Control Panel and you will know everything.

App Blocker: Are they using an app you don’t approve of, like one that helps them connect with strangers? When you use HackRaptor, it is easy to block it. In one click, you can stop them from using the app or downloading it in the future.

Browser History Monitoring: The Internet is massive. That is why HackRaptor is designed to help guide you to where they have been. Just log in to your Control Panel to find out which sites they have visited and when they have visited them. And it is just as easy to filter web content.

Monitor Website Bookmark: Ever wondered what their favorite sites are? HackRaptor can show you. In one click, it is easy to find out which sites they have got bookmarked in their browser.

Website Blocker: Are they visiting websites you don’t approve of, like adult sites, gambling sites, or something else? You can block them in a snap with HackRaptor.

Best Way to Spy on iPhone With Just the Number by Using Hackraptor

You can spy on any iPhone or Android phone with just the phone number or Apple ID/iCloud credentials (for iOS devices). With Hackraptor, you never have to worry about how to spy on iPhone. Hackraptor allows you to spy on iPhone with just the phone number. Hackraptor is the best iPhone spy solution that makes use of the best and latest mobile surveillance technology.