The Best Electric Bikes for 2019


Electric bikes have a lot of development here. Freed from some of the usual design limitations of a standard bike (like weight and transmission), the design of the electric bike exploded and, if you can imagine, someone built it. Whether in the freighter, city bike, courier, mountain bike, road, folding bikes or beach cruisers, everyone can find what suits them.

Giant Fast Road E + Electric Bike

A hybrid road bike with a flat handlebar to promote a comfortable driving position.

The tires are 32c, so they still have enough pressure and a light off-road capability - but in the test, we found that the aluminum frame was very hard, which suited those who are used to road bikes.

The removable battery 500Whr provides enough energy in eco mode, about 150 km or 70 km at the highest level of support. With the hydraulic disc brakes and Shimano SL shifting, a compact chainset (50-34) and an 11-32 rear axle offer many possibilities for slopes.

Ampler Curt electric bike

Aluminum frame with flat bands, comfortable seat tube mount, vertical, slim and discreet. When using a 10 speed Deore gear, the weight of the bike is 15 kg and if you choose a speed, it is 14 kg.

The battery itself is packaged at 336Wh, providing 250W assistance, ranging in length from 45km to 100km, depending on the mode used.

The disc brake wheel uses Continental 32c tires for added comfort. We like to be flexible and flexible.

Meet the BEE Electric Bike

BEE is an innovator learner/scooter who turns a wheel into a bike. Lightweight and powered by a lithium battery, this electric bike can travel a distance of 13 kilometers with a charge.

The battery is the most important part of the bike, because (if you do not pedal) it includes all the forces you can run. A typical electric bike battery has a power of about 350-500 W (about 35-50 volts and 10 MPs. Electric pedal-assisted electric bicycles only: intelligent electric vehicles (legally classified as bicycles) or S-Pedicels (usually legally classified as mopeds).

Electric smart vehicles: only with pedal assistance, the engine provides only a suitable but not excessive speed 25 km/h, engine power up to 250 watts, generally legally classified as a bicycle. S-Pedicels: Only the pedal assist, the engine power can be greater than 250 watts, can reach a higher speed, 45 km / h before the engine stops, legally classified as a moped or motorcycle.

Juicy electric bike

Juicy Roller is a super sensitive and powerful city bike. He was quickly disconnected to the point of catching us off guard. Two different battery sizes can be selected for up to two different maximum ranges. A smaller and cheaper battery will give you about 33 km, while a larger battery will reach 50 km.

Electric bicycle Wilier Cento1Hy Ultegra Di2

Weight: The electric road bike weighs only 12 kilograms and provides 250 watts of power through the rear hub motor. The built-in battery provides 250Wh of power and provides full support for up to one hour, providing a longer duration if the power is turned off.

Power cuts are greater than 25 km / h, so you can ride longer, but simply use the power of steep slopes.

The frame and fork are carbon. As its name suggests, you can purchase Ultegra Di2 shift and hydraulic disc brakes with a compact 50-34 chain and 11 to 30 cartridges. Another new type of performance-oriented electric road bike, Focus Paralane2 ( this "square" is not "two"), falls to an average size of 13.2kg on our scale.

The 3.3 kg and 250Wh battery is attached to the lower tube and provides 250-watt support, which can last up to 10 hours in the lowest mode.