Telos: The root of the roots

There are seeds that even though they come from the same fruit, they don’t accomplish their purpose, as well as there are some that stand out since their origin, this is Telos’s case. It is the root of the roots, since its release, the veracity of its performance was questioned because of EOS’ soft spots, as they share the same platform and technology, however we have to emphasize that Telos is not EOS.

Telos is a third-generation blockchain built over EOSIO core, devised and programed by a team of more than a hundred people from all around the world. There’s no unique leader or founder, but instead, there’s many of them working together.

One of Telos’s unique features relies on The Telos Foundation that functions as an autonomous and decentralized organization (DAO), which promotes the proper functioning of the network, the fairest distribution of funds for new projects and channeling the decision-making by voting through a smart contract. The latter would employ the Telos Foundation Voting Token (TFVT), which doesn’t have a monetary value however it gives the holder voting rights. These tokens (cryptocurrencies) were distributed through the Telos community when it was launched and will be continued to be spread through time to active community members.

Conformed by contributors of EOS Block Producers (BP), the ones responsible of the transaction audits and of generating EOS chains, they are the ones who have had the necessary support in order for the Telos Network to exist in a big crypto world.

This group is made up of 100 volunteers from all over the world, representing 18 countries, and are the ones that differentiate Telos from other crypto such as Ethereum and Bitcoin. In addition, it can be said that it is an open network that has influence in terms of scalability, unlike the aforementioned, Telos has control by going through an auditing process of transactions,where active BPs has an allocated “slot” where in six seconds they write twelve blocks…

The team works in favor of security, governance, speed of transactions, scalability, the ideal functioning of the network, investment in marketing, interactions with the community, the development of DApps and Exchange onboarding.

The aforementioned operation is given as an improved technology of EOSIO, working as the most decentralized, economic and sustainable network that solves the problems of the main EOS network, in addition, guarantees speed, more security, ease for developers and high governance.

It must be taken into account that Telos blockchain has its native tokens, in this case denominated TLOS. However, it must be emphasized that Telos is not an airdrop, although its distribution is similar, it is a totally separate chain.

Finally, it can be said that Telos arrived as a seed that was sowed to become an exceptional tree, having as root the new technology that will guide the cryptocurrency through the technologic vanguard, and that revolutionizes the possibilities for app developers in the future of blockchain’s world.