Technology Stars Change Their Names


Elon Musk renamed himself as “Elon Tusk”, Tim Cook, “Tim Apple”, what are some other funny name tweaks you’ve seen from celebrities?


That’s an easy one, although it’s not tech-related: Puff Daddy and Kayne. Kayne renamed himself to “ye”, which isn’t so strange, but Puff Daddy changed his name to:

  1. P. Diddy
  2. Diddy
  3. Diddy-Dirty-Money
  4. Brother Love

I haven’t kept up with his name changes since, but I’m sure there were more.


Haha love it!
Or Snoop Dog, Snoop Lion, though not very tech related :slight_smile:

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I’m officially changing my name to :metal: (The Programmer Formerly Known as Austin).


Im gonna use a short cut tool and save your name in there :metal: The Programmer Formerly Known as Austin).