Tags Not Updating in Live Post

I tried updating the tags for the live post Sample App—Android Unidirectional Data Flow. However, after updating two of the tags and saving the post, the published version does not reflect the updates.

Hey @adamhurwitz, did you then select “Save” or “Save & Publish” ? The latter is the right one for this use case. Also changes can sometimes take a minute to go into effect with how our CDN works.

If those options don’t work, @austin may know whats up.

Hi @adamhurwitz, sorry you ran into this issue! We did have a publishing bug last night / earlier today, that has since been fixed. Could you please try again and let me know if it works? If not, it’s definitely a bug we’ll have to fix for you.

It’s showing in the published version now! I may have been selecting Save, instead of Save & Publish. :see_no_evil: Thanks for the help @David and @austin.

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We decided to keep the Save button there too so that changes could be made without going live immediately.