Super Easy Forms - The easiest way to generate online forms for your site


Hey Guys, I created The easiest way to generate online forms for your static site.

It takes you less than a minute to generate a full bootstrap html form with all the necessary backend resources deployed in AWS.

It’s open source and free. The closest competitor charges at least $15/month for a similar service.

Very soon, we will add advanced features like payment collection, themes, plugins and an easy deployment tool for websites and landing pages.

Any feedback is welcomed!! You can start using Super Easy forms and save a lot of time and money creating forms. Enjoy


Thanks @lucas1 I always create form with
But your idea looks awesome. I’ll try to use your library in next project :slight_smile:


Hey @lucas1, looks useful. What inspired you to build this? And how will you measure success of the project?


@shun thanks, let me know how it goes when you try it


Hey @David thanks! For us, one of the major pain points for building simple static sites is adding a contact form. Sometimes this could be a deal breaker when chosing between a static site and a dynamic wordpress site because It takes time and knowledge to set up the backend for contact form. With my tool, you can create contact forms with all the backend deployed in just second. This tools saves us a lot of time because it create a 100% customizable html forms we just copy and paste in our sites and they are ready to go. Also the features you get are even better than other. For example I get 50Gb of free storage, more than 100k forms submission for free and other that will keep you costs near to zero always. Even if you send millions of forms. We are adding new features like plugins, payments forms, themes, and all of this is going to be free.
Let me know what you think and if it was helpful for you


Don’t know if its just me, but paying $40/month for a platinum formspree membership or $180/month for wufoo ultimate plan which gives you unlimited forms and 20GB of storage seems very expensive.

With super easy forms you get 50gb of storage and unlimited 100% customizable bootstrap html forms for free your first year. After you first year it would cost you less than $1 a month, to send millions of forms.


We just released

Please any feedback is very much appreciated! We created this tools so people could do forms for free. This is a gift to the community!


Congratuations :slight_smile: I’ll try to use it!