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I submitted my story on Hakernoon before a month ago ( Title : [What You Should Know Before Starting HTML Coding From Scratch] still your team did not publish my story on your site. Please let me know what is the problem.

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can you share a link to your article here?

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Yes Sure,

I sent my blog url before 3 days ago but still not upload my blog. please give your feed back.


@larson at your dashboard - is anyone editors opened your story before?

Btw, right now HN has a lot of stories to review so I assume you should wait a bit more. What I’m doing when my story pending? I’m starting to work on the next article - this helps to limit my anxiety

@Hackerhodl @natasha @David can you check it?


Ed team, same with this post: Blog Approval Pending Complain

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Thanks for your replay i will waiting some days.

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Its 10 days now submitting the post, would you please review it? Here is the link to the draft:

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I am facing the similar issue. I had submitted an article almost 2 months ago. My blog is still at the submission level. There is no update from the editorial team. Have tried reaching out to them on twitter but unfortunately no luck.

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@akashsrivastavaseo can you share a link to your draft?

This is published.