Story Review Needed from Editor

@arthur.tkachenko @natasha Please review my story:

It has been 4 days ago.

Hey @faizan4it your story is now published:

@David Thanks for published.

link in bio looking good :slight_smile:

Please sir have a look on my article please sir make it live as soon as possible.

@David Yeah! Perfect location to insert link in bio.

Shall I message you everytime for review a story? I already have submitted a story for review:

Take a look our story for publication.

@arthur.tkachenko @David @natasha Waiting your response regarding to pending review a story.

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maybe it’s a duplicate… @utsavjaiswal @Hackerhodl

@arthur.tkachenko What you think about this story. It’s upto 4 days:

It’s not a duplicate post.

@arthur.tkachenko Please review our story.

Hey @faizan4it, this link will be marked in Google as unnatural:

Do you mind if I remove?

Also posts like this will perform better if you headline with a stat about the % of business moving online, i.e. stat headline approach.

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I have updated link as you expected, Please get live asap.