Story [Rejected] by Hacker Noon Editors? Challenge them HERE

I see that a lot of you guys are getting your stories rejected by the Hacker Noon Editorial Staff.

(@natasha, @Storm, @David, @piratebeachbum @utsavjaiswal/Yours Truly - @Hackerhodl).

In our zeal to get the best content on the website, we are unabashedly discerning and reject stories that:

  1. Are obviously promoting a Brand
  2. Are sneakily promoting a Brand
  3. Are Beating About the Bush
  4. Are missing the point or facts or both

This is the thread for people whose stories without any rhyme or reason and for those who would like to challenge the Editors.

We’re humans, we can make mistakes too.

So, here’s the gauntlet, your chance to get your story published on Hacker Noon.


No rules. Its simple, If your story here gets overwhelming “actual” support (i.e. no fake accounts, no trolling), you’ll be crowned The Winner of the Pits and your story will be published on Hacker Noon – No Questions Asked.

There are no limits to the number of stories that can be The Winner of the Pits so all are welcome.

All Being said and done, bring it on.

May the best person/humanoid/soulless corporate WIN.

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Two of my stories got rejected. Please review them once again as they are very well written and informative.



Please provide me feedback on what edits needs to be done in order to get em published. Thank you!

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there can be a few reasons for story getting rejected.
i didn’t check your stories, so it’s my assuption.

i think first is grammar part, and the second part - you trying to promote your product and it’s to “sales pushy”

while editors didn’t read address to this thread, check this links and maybe update a content a bit

hope it helps


@judhajeet - I’m really sorry that we had to reject your stories.

However, this is not the place to seek feedback from the editors but a place to get the community to read your story and if several members of the community feel that the story deserves a spot on Hacker Noon, we’ll put it there.

That being said, here’s a couple of pointers as to why this story got rejected:

  1. Only backlink provided in the entire story is a promotional backlink. (See Point 2 in first post in this thread)

  2. Your story title was beautiful. The story contents however, need to be fleshed out. For example, most keywords of the story have just been defined. See White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO in the story. Provide insights, figures, anecdotes, and experiences. That’s what Hacker Noon is all about.

Share your expertise with the rest of us just as we do.

Hope this helps.

Looking forward to you taking this feedback and coming back with a wonderful story that we can feature on the front page.


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