Story hasn't been reviewed + sponsorship traffic help

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Hi @David ! I’ve got a Youtube growth hacking article that’s been in purgatory for about 16 days

No rush but would love to know what it needs to be Hacker Noon worthy!

Thanks and hope you’re having a good day!
PS: Also happy to talk about driving potential sponsorship traffic from Linkedin to Hacker Noon if you want. (Look at the Hackernoon company metrics and you’ll see my article I boosted metrics on for reference. Latest article on engagement groups explains how I did that)
More than happy to help :slight_smile:

Engagement article submitted 2 days ago is currently waiting for review too :slight_smile:

Also apologies it looks like I posted this in the wrong thread. Finding the article review process a bit confusing. sorry for the inconvenience!

other articles that we have in our editorial queue

Yessir! Thanks for confirming @arthur.tkachenko

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Any word on the other two @arthur.tkachenko @David?
(Thanks in advance!)

Just reviewed this story:

It’s has a link to your website and it makes it promotional by our standards.
Can you add a disclaimer about your affiliation with that brand(usually at the end of the story) and remove a canonical link?

For more details, you can take a look at this post:

Hi @arthur.tkachenko, thanks for the quick response! I removed the canonical tag and provided the disclaimer at the bottom. Let me know if there’s anything else I can do!

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opening it now

Publishing it. Thanks for that changes and will wait for your next stories

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Btw, did you delete one story?

I may have a few weeks ago. It was about cannabis marketing and it didn’t feel super appropriate on Hacker Noon after I thought about. Too niche to be of value for you guys I figured.

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Hey @arthur.tkachenko! Just added a couple of new posts. Will try getting the Youtube growth hacking one back up next! The previous editor that writes bitcoin articles declined it for some reason when it’s arguably more valuable than the Youtube trigger words (Part 1)!

Hi @arthur.tkachenko! The crypto editor keeps rejecting posts without telling me the issue. Could you have a look and see why?

Two of them are continuations of existing posts that have pretty good click-through-rates. The third one on bots links to the next hackernoon article as well.

We can ask @Hackerhodl about reasons of rejection. again - we can make adjustments and re-submit it for review again

That’d be awesome!

Haven’t heard anything back yet. I guess we’re going into the holidays… should I follow up after the 25th @arthur.tkachenko?

I’m here, I think @Hackerhodl just busy. you can try to buzz him on our FB page, maybe it can help:

Ok awesome my membership’s pending.
Still have not heard from @Hackerhodl