Stop Infinite Scrolling on Your Website - Now!

Stop Infinite Scrolling on Your Website - Now!

Do people love infinite scrolling on the websites they visit or are theyfine with clicking on ‘Read more’ or ‘View more?’ Infinite scrolling eliminatesthe need for pagination which is the process of separating digital content into different pages. Here’s my view on infinite scrolling and why it is a recipe for disaster.

I couldn’t agree more. Infinite scroll sites need to die quickly! I especially detest the ones where it’s been implemented by a dev who seems to have forgotten about certain functionality that only exists in the footer of their site (e.g. Language select) so it becomes a game of speed to click a link before the next content loads!

I agree. Traditional pagination is better for a lot of soft reasons, but engagement drives everything–and by that metric, infinite scrolling is better in a lot of concrete ways. These are all valid points, but not what matters.

I agree that Infinite Scrolling is painful. I agree to almost all the views expressed by the author. Having a pagination like Google search results is much better!

The article rightly raises major usability concerns. The footer is a great example of a challenge but I would like to note that a footer on an infinite scroll page will be inaccessible to any user who relies solely on a keyboard. This includes screen reader users and some users with mobility impairments. Infinite scroll is, by its very design, inaccessible to some segment of your audience.

I put together a list of questions to ask before building infinite scroll and also included some notes Google provides on how to not mess up your page rank as well.

Note that some organizations are tempted to use infinite scroll on article pages to push down the overall bounce rate in reports, probably because their jobs rely on those metrics.