Sticky top nav becomes the headline (and category)


discourse’s decision to turn the sticky top navigation from brand to headline when reader scrolls down is an awesome choice. it takes up no more space but provides great value, reminding the reader of story’s tl;dr (while also adding a link to related stories, in this case “IMPORTANT QUESTION”).



I actually had the opposite feeling. I tried to click the branded top nav text to go back to the main forum. Rather than finding myself looking at the main forum page, it just popped to the top of the article and I was initially not sure why. I see the value in seeing the tl:dr and topic, but it replaced a bit of UX that is pretty standard and I’m not sure why. Maybe a branded top nav with a sub-headline with the article’s title & topics, but treating it like a “back to top” button seems silly.



I think it’s a great idea since it’s essentially merging not 2 but 3 UI elements (floating back to top btn, and the post title, AND site header branding) while the only difference is a single click. It’s efficient! And frees more screen real estate.

If you click twice you can go back to main forum but once for back to top, which can be helpful for mobile viewers on a very long thread.

That’s just my 2 cents :smile:

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