***speaking opportunity***


Hi Hackers :smiley:, would any of the dev would fit those requirements and like to do a keynote talk in Poland?:speaking_head: :rocket:

Check out the specifics here:

03.07.2019: Xcite Pitch and Key Notes

  • Xcite trailer: https://youtu.be/j7RaMJMuN-g
  • Location: Warsaw, Poland
  • Keynote speakers which will attract full-stack software developers, Java Developers, .net Developers and native mobile ios/android, developer
  • 2-3 very famous and popular keynote speaker, where the software developer community “admires” them or work for big and well know software development companies
  • Keynotes will happen between the pitching sessions
  • Speaker slot 30 min
  • Flight, hotel and speaker fee up to 5.000€ will be paid

Send us an email at community@hackernoon.com

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I don’t fit those requirements, but if it’s in Wrocław I’ll happily attend if nobody else takes this awesome opportunity :smile:


Interested…Emailed you…please check…


Interesting… Sent you an email!