Space weather affects your daily life. It’s time to start paying attention


Solar flares are in my top 3 list of terrifying things. It goes:

  1. Stroke
  2. Throat cancer
  3. Massive solar flares

You may be asking, among other things, why massive solar flares? Solar flares essentially act as a giant electromagnetic pulse (EMP), like what happens when you detonate a nuke in the atmosphere above a city. It wipes out all electronics, permanently.

Our power grid? Gone.

The computers and electronic devices powering hospitals? Gone.

My computer and my livelihood? Gone.

The global economy, stored on computers? Gone.

I truly hope this doesn’t happen in my lifetime. It would essentially be a doomsday scenario, in my mind.


Kinda related:

  1. Lethal radiation exposure (after watching Chernobyl)

I never was much of a prepper, but couldn’t hurt to have some back up water.


Yeah, I’ve never been into doomsday prep either. It seems like a suboptimal use of time, for something that’s highly unlikely. Chances are, the world will keep on turning tomorrow.