Some Breath-taking Fact about Snapchat

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Everyone sees Snapchat as a messaging app. It lets you chat with your friends, view many Live stories happening worldwide, and lets you discover new things. This app allows you to share videos and images to anyone online. But the content is not always stored. When users view it disappears. Well! Snapchat is also used as a platform for marketing. While many digital marketing agency in gurgaon are available to provide Snapchat marketing techniques to increase your brand.

Having a Snapchat account is simple. The following steps helps you to create an account in Snapchat:

  • Download the Snapchat app
  • Using its menus, generate an account

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Once you start making use of the app, you can enjoy its various features and to get the latest news make use of the Discover feature.

Having said about the basics of Snapchat, let us find out some interesting facts about Snapchat.

  1. Content Marketing Champion – Snapchat is considered a platform that is excellent for content marketing. Here are three main reasons to make it work well for content marketing:

  2. It builds a sense of perseverance

  3. The content is appealing

  4. It is personalised service

  5. Millions of Active Users – Snapchat has millions of users active and it counts to about 210 million. This is not a minor number and it goes without saying that this platform can be a good marketing platform for all your brands.Image source: Search Engine Journal

  6. The Majority of Snapchat Users are Young – Out of the millions of Snapchat users, most of them belong to Gen Z. If you plan to market on this platform, decide on your campaign and whom to target.

  7. Snapchat App – This platform is also supported by its app. As people are on the move always, this platform provides a way for the users to make use of Snapchat more than once a day.

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  1. Billions of Snap per day – In total, it is estimated that there are snaps about one billion times per day. So, some snaps are issued through Snapchat and many can be shared as well.
  2. Snapchat Stories – In the stories section, millions of Snapchat users post their photos along with stories. This feature is much appreciated by many users and this platform shares about 400 million Snapchat stories per day. Isn’t it amazing?
  3. Snapchat Logo – Have you ever thought about what the Snapchat logo is about when you open your Snapchat account? You see the symbol of Snapchat and that is called ‘Ghostface Chillah’. It was the name of Brown that is taken from Ghostface Killah that belongs to the group Wu-Tang Clan. This is quite surprising!Image source: Buffer
  4. Most Popular Photo – The current statistics have shown that a Snapchat user’s most common photo posted is their drinks photo. Users apply filters on some special days and create stories. The filtered photos can be saved in your Snapchat memories along with the camera roll and be placed in your photo book. So, you can be able to create your own photo book.
  5. Snapchat founded Vertical Video Ads – Vertical video ads are those where the videos can be viewed when your phone is held vertically. This idea was initiated and founded by Snapchat thereby enabling you to watch ads at your convenient pace.

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  1. Swipe-Up Rate is High – When you come across any kind of ad on the Snapchat platform, it provides the possibility to swipe it up to view their full website or to watch the ad in detail. As the swipe-up rate is high for Snapchat, it is indeed an excellent marketing platform.
  2. Background of Snapchat – Are you aware that the Snapchat platform was created after failing about 34 times. This is quite an interesting fact about Snapchat. The creators of this platform named Bobby Murphy, Evan Spiegel, and Frank Reginald Brown have been working on this platform for some time while they were students of Stanford University. After having failed about 34 times, they have succeeded in implementing this platform and it is popular as you see.
  3. Prior Name of Snapchat – Are you aware of what was Snapchat earlier called? Well for about a year since it was introduced it ran with the name ‘Picaboo’.

Few Snapchat features are:

  1. Snap – These days, people just love to click snaps and share them. Snapchat has this important feature. This main feature can be destructive by itself. But, in this platform, none will be able to save or re-share the photos that the users have uploaded along with messages in this app. This would ensure that the audience will be involved with the app.Image source: Times Of India
  2. Story – Along with the latest snap, broadcast it in a story format that will last for about 24 hours. This feature is available on Facebook and Instagram as well. This way you could connect with your friends and keep the users engaged. This feature is a constant one. So, when one user’s story ends, the other user would begin. This feature would increase the success feature of the app.

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  1. Lenses – This feature allows you to apply filters on the photo where you could change your facial appearance and help to connect easily with the audience. This feature has included many machine learning models and related data. Lenses features allow you to check and view your younger and older forms of you.

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  1. Filters – Snapchat is famous for its regular filters like black and white filters and the filter that contains stars in it, apart from its image technology and face tracking. Filters would guide you to increase your visibility with the audience.

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  1. Geofilter – This feature enables you to automatically switch on features of filters that are applicable to that specific region. You can set a background image and be able to place the road together with the photo. Also, any events of that specific city can also connect with the photo.
  2. Calls – Snapchat lets you to get connected through voice or video to anyone. You can get it connected to anyone at any place and at any time. Users would be able to connect with people across various time zones without bothering much about money. Also, if the person whom you are calling is offline, the caller can send a message to give a call back once they are seen online.
  3. Chat – Almost all people love all kinds of chat apps. Snapchat apps have calls both video and voice, and chat messages also. Alongside chat, other features are also available. When people are not able to take the call, Snapchat allows people to place a message to them, this would make it more personalised. Along with snaps that users share, chats can also occur.

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  1. Memories – Using filters, you can create photos and Snapchat uses these photos to convert into a memory. A user can have many such memories placed in their device’s gallery.

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  1. Snap Map – This feature allows users to be aware of the latest trends or any breaking news. Users can view them through Snapchat stories where all the world news is presented in the form of snaps.Image source: Systweak Blog
  2. Discover – Yet another interesting feature is the discover. With this feature, users can view some public and interesting stories. This feature also allows users to search for local stories that are closely applicable to what many other users share.Image source: Mediakix


Snapchat Facts are indeed excellent, and it is ready to use a platform for any kind of business. Its passing content, familiarity, and its impulsive nature are an amazing feature for daily users and business can make use of it to the fullest.