Slack + Dropbox vs Slack + Box - Which merger you would prefer?


Slack is going to list its stock directly on the NYSE this coming Thursday - with analysts predicting between $16 billion to $17 billion debut market cap. Not bad for a company that pivoted from a gaming chat!

Our M & A team at Kähler AI is running a sentiment survey on hypothetical scenario where Slack would merge with either Dropbox or Box! Please share your thoughts by taking this short Survey. We`ll share the results with the HackerNoon community once we get enough responses.

Finally, why would Slack want to merge? Well, it is no secret that Slack has been trying to evolve to become more than just a core workplace messaging app. Whereas Dropbox and Box have been also for sometime trying to position themselves beyond work content sharing/collaboration - so definitely not crazy to consider M & A between Slack and Dropbox/or Box!:wink:

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Zaiku Group team

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i used slack and dropbox a lot of time

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