Six Apps to Make Technology Less Distracting

Six Apps to Make Technology Less Distracting

Is it just me, or do most “productivity” applications actually make you less productive?Take office messaging tools. My team uses Slack, which was supposed to streamline the communication of small tasks. Most days, it’s a mess: We talk about lunch plans, pets, books, memes — basically, everything but work. By the time I get a line of code written, I might have had a half-dozen Slack conversations about cat videos.

I’ve used HeadSpace, and I must admit that this application is amazing. The voice of the instructor is great and soothing. Once you close you eyes, the way the instructors take you through the meditation process is quite amazing.

Also, I’ve not used Noisli, but Coffitivity is something I rely on. It creates sounds from a cafe. And there are variations in those sounds as per your requirement. Simply amazing how far people have thought in terms of creating applications.

Mindful Browsing is perfect for those who get easily distracted. It has helped me quite a lot.

But do you think apps like One Big Thing really make a difference? As in, we all set alarms, but we often hit the snooze button. Don’t we? Reminders about what we need to do won’t make much of a difference if only we ourselves are not willing to do something.

They’re not apps but there are couple simple functions to make the phone decide less how you spend your time, such as Airplane mode, Turning off all push notifications, and Do Not Disturb mode.

Haha. This is so ironic. Technology to escape the adversities caused by technology itself.

I read about Haze Over and realized that was something I could use to escape the cluster I create while working. That would be a much better experience, I believe. Let’s see…