Should HN prevent this or not?



I see no reason…since why HN wanted to own authors’ content…


I think it’s good that after you publish on Hacker Noon, more people want to work with you. When republishing on other sites, we prefer contributors create a new draft and link to us, but that’s up to the contributor.


again, maybe I overreacted, but for me, it looks like they trying to suck out writers from other publications.
I mean your tactic of acquiring new writers was not sneaky.
I was a new writer at Medium - with 2 articles without any good formatting at all. it’s not a similar thing.
So I consider this kind of requests like spam.

Another point of my reaction that there a bad tradition in my culture to try to find an easy way of doing something. like lying on job-interview, or buying clicks/positive reviews, etc…

link to us

Question: Do you have a template or something for linking back to HN? like
“This article was previously published at at %data% %link%”