Should Hackernoon come out publically against Bitcoin SV(BSV)


Hey all.

I’m concerned that as one of the stewards of a lot of crypto opinion, it could be a “good for the world thing” for HN to come out against it.

Where does everyone stand?

(For clarity I’ve never had a position in it)


Hey @jayz

That’s an interesting argument. Everybody’s got BSV in their bad books. It even got de-listed from major exchanges after the hodlnaut episode.

For its part, Hacker Noon, as a community driven technology publication, invites its readers to take positions on the ongoing debate regarding the antics prevalent in the realm of cryptocurrencies.

We’ve published several articles that herald Blockchain technologies as the greatest innovation since sliced bread, just as we’ve published several articles calling it the scam of the decade/century (depending on the hyperbole). In my opinion, this kind of neutrality enabled Hacker Noon to become the meeting ground of proponents of both camps and discuss the merits and demerits of both claims.

Let us know what you think.


I tend to agree with @Hackerhodl. I don’t think we all need to decide to categorically label BSV as bad. If someone has a favorable stance on BSV then that’s ok. It would be interesting to see a survey so people can see the distribution. Even a simple Twitter poll could work.


I think Hackernoon should not come out against anybody unless against collective threats such as the delightful products of policies makers. Insisting bsv is bad is childish while the entire bitcoin blockchain is a vapor train already. But yeah go on, all these bitcoiner frictions are big help for public adoption.

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