Share something you learned recently (that changed the way you think)


They say you learn something new every day. What have you learned recently?

Today, I learned that a finally block in Javascript will execute regardless of an early return statement in the try or catch blocks. I know, it seems basic, but it’s not something that came up for me before.

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I’ve been writing CSS for a long time but I recently discovered that browsers read selectors from right to left rather than the intuitive left to right. I previously thought I was “scoping” my styles by doing something like this.

nav a

I thought browsers would hone in on the <nav> element then find all the child <a> tags. But it turns out browsers start by looking at all the <a> tags then check to see if they have a <nav> parent.

This misunderstanding has performance implications if you have a large document and a ton of poorly written selectors. Luckily, I haven’t really noticed any ill effects in the wild since modern browsers are pretty damn amazing.

But now that I know this, I’ll at be a little more thoughtful in my selectors and consider adding a class to the last element. It could look something like this.

nav a.button

I do think this has the potential to make HTML less readable if you’re throwing in redundant classes just to optimize selectors. Things like <a class="link" /> just seems absurd to me. Maybe it’s better to not have classes on the last element in a lot of cases…I’m torn. But this does give me a new appreciation for things like BEM even though I find the syntax to be so noisy.

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