Series of Unsurprising Results in Economics (The "SURE" Journal)


Possibly the best new name in economic journalism. It’s an e-journal of high-quality research for “unsurprising” findings. - source and more info:


This is beautiful. It gives me an idea for a news network: “Boring News”. It records all the uneventful events of the day. At first, I was going to say “one hour per day”, but a 24 hour “news” cycle would be really entertaining. “A frog hopped”. “A plane reached its destination”.

This is so wonderful because it builds different expectations in people. If people aren’t inundated with stories about, say, making a multi-billion dollar exit, or terrorist attacks, or especially single assaults, individual incidents, they won’t come to expect them as much. I’ve personally been drowned in stories of mass shootings, airport attack attempts, people being shot, stabbed, or otherwise attacked, and it’s come to raise my expectations of being a victim of such an incident. Likewise, if you’re exposed to a ton of stories about million dollar acquisitions or IPOs, or stories about wild scientific outliers, you’re more likely to believe they’re commonplace, when in fact they’re rarities compared to everyday life. I wonder what Boring News would do to people? How would it change us?