Series Idea: "Learn [X] by Hacking [Y]"


Idea started with a story submission entitled “Learning Git Concept by Hacking Github” by dhanushka madushan, a tech geek interested in computer science and technology.

I think it’s better without -ing. More active. Learn [Thing] by Hacking [Site/Company/Software/OtherThing]… To do this style. Some title options up for you:

  • "Learn ISP by Hacking Gmail"
  • "Learn DNS by Hacking Cloudflare"
  • "Learn P2P by Hacking Bitcoin"
  • "Learn Messaging by Hacking Slack"
  • "Learn Notifications by Hacking Facebook"

It could be used for MacGyver ideas:

  • "Learn Roundhouse Kicks by Hacking Chicken Leftovers"

Looking for more ethical hacking stories:


under paywall :frowning: