Seems like too much promo

I feel like I’ve been reading a lot of articles recently which not so subtly advertise the product/company created by the writer. I’m curious what the long-term path looks like in terms of self-promotion. Curious what everyone thinks.


Yea, feel exactly the same. It’s not all bad but increasingly reads like just ads and these posts are then also feature in the HN newsletter, which makes it really just spam at the end of the day

Hey @hochmanjoel @anycolour the primary paths to self promotion on Hacker Noon is the bio, the social media traffic, and call to action. And just talking about the expertise you have will naturally promote what you do.

I want to empower the contributor to drive traffic to their corner of the internet. Everyone has a place they’d like to move traffic to. But I also don’t want the reader to be mislead. That’s why we have rules like when a company is mentioned, the contributor must disclose any vested to the company at or before that point. We are open to implementing more rules that raise the quality of content. Any rules we should be considering to improve? All the stories that make the noonification newsletter have been marked by editors as level up tha distribution. Do you have any examples of stories you think should not have made it into that newsletter? today’s for reference.

to be fair, the companies that these people work for are usually mentioned and it then is rather obvious what their motives are.

One of the recent post I read

You read the article and half way through you realize that the contributer is advertising their product. Sure, some competitors are mentioned, but just to an extend that it at least looks objective on the surface.

Im fine with that, but would probably want to know before I start reading that this post has a “hidden agenda”. Gonna be extra careful when someone works at “Growth @ Company XYZ”

Its a fine line, but if someone makes it clear from the start why e.g. this specific feature of his company/product is so great, I am willing to listen. Just dont like realizing half way through that I am in a sales pitch, but maybes thats on me.

personally it is ok for me to read self promotion articles as long as the writer is the developer and I can learn something from the article;
as a reader I always have the choice to skip the article or parts that I don’t like;

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@David I think it might be a bit better if writers were required to put the disclosure at the top of the article instead of the bottom. That way I can immediately orient my mind to their perspective. I also think that part of it is a quality issue. When a writer has a vested interest but writes a very high quality article that is a true analysis of the situation, I am much less likely to care about their vested interest. Unfortunately, many writers offer a surface level overview that just seems like they are only writing anything at all for the promotion, not for the purpose of sharing a specific method. HackerNoon is a young platform so I am sure a lot of this will work itself out over time. I just think it’s important to point out that there is still work to be done in the promo part. Maybe a feature could be developed where disclosures are in a small panel underneath the writer bio, sort of like the annotations that are being developed.

Yep that is exactly where we are planning to put disclosures and other information. Similar to how (RIP) did credibility indicators.

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Fantastic. And yes, RIP Civil