Scholarships for online courses?

So after my morning snack and walk, I’ve decided to check out the online realms for some new stuff.

I found a piece of news on a website called BitDegree that I enjoy to read on and follow and would really like to share it with everyone here in Hackernoon. The question is: would you sign up for a scholarship for an online course?

It’s an interesting concept as far as I’ve read it:

  • You choose a course that you want to study
  • You write a short text for why this would benefit you
  • An alumni or company sponsors you
  • You get full access to the course, get a diploma after completing it and scholarship money.

Now funnily enough I am quite interested in trying out the option, but I want to know if anyone here had any experience with BitDegree apart from reading their tutorials/articles. So that’s why I’m asking the question: would you enrol into a scholarship for an online course?

Oh and if anyone is interested in reading about this, I’ll leave the link here, let me know if you want it removed:

We do exactly what you’re suggesting… we pay for tuitions! Students need only pay the incidentals and we use cryptocurrencies to pay tuitions.

I checked out the website and it looks cool. I don’t know if other mooc’s have this option as well, it would be quite a cool universal feature. I sent out my application for the bit degree scholarship to test it out. Now I presume I just have to wait until I get published.

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